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Win Chance Computer System And Jetway Mainboard Distributor


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Pentium IV System

Win Chance Pentium-IV Computer System

Complete Multimedia with the specifications as below :
.Intel D850GB Non Built-in motherboard
.Intel Pentium IV-1.3Ghz Processor (3 years)
.128MB PC800 RDRAM (Rambus)
.Geforce256 AGP 32MB VGA
.3D Pci Sound Card Support 4.1 Speakers & AC3
.1.44MB Fdd
.20GB Harddisk Drive,5400rpm,Ata-100
.ASUS 50X Cd-Rom / Creative 52X Cd-ROm
.Internal Pci 56K Modem
.Internet Multimedia PS/2 Keyboard
.Samsung 15" Digital Color Monitor
.ATX Casing-LP02/LP06 with 250Watts P-IV Power Supply

.800 Watts Amplified Speaker
.PS/2 Internet Scroll Mouse + Mouse Pad

RM 2925.00

.ADD RM 345.00 For Microsoft Windows 98SE (Oem)
.ADD RM 505.00 For Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional(oem)

Terms And Condition:
.Cash Basis Only
.Easy Payment Scheme through ACS Leasing can be arranged.
.Unless otherwise stated,one year part against
manufacturer's defect.
.Delivery And Installation can be arranged.

Upgrading Monitor is available :

.Upgrade To Targa 17" Color Monitor RM 125.00
.Upgrade To Samsung 17"Color Monitor-750s RM 250.00
.Upgrade To Samsung 17"Flat Monitor-753DF RM 450.00